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    SierraCosworth RS road car;

    Chassisnumber WFOEXXGBBEGU966xx   is produced in June 1986.

    WFO = World Manufacturer identification -West Germany-.
    E = Body type -3 door-
    XX = Constant for all Models
    G = Production source -Ford-Werke AG Cologne-.
    B = Assembly Plant -Genk-.
    B = Model -Sierra-
    E = Body type
    G = Year of Scheduled Build - G=1986-
    U = Month of scheduled Build -June-.
    966xx Vehicle sequence number.

    History of this Car.
    First owner was the Ford Genk assembly plant. The car was driven for one year by one of the top managers.
    From 1987 till now there is only one and present owner.  
    The car is in very  good  original condition. The spare wheel was never used and in new condition.

    Ford Sierra RS Cosworth

    PRODUCTION.- 1986; approximate number built: 5.500 ; assembled at Genk, Belgium with UK-built Cosworth engine, Borg Warner five-speed gearbox and Ferguson Viscous Coupling rear drive.                                                                                               


    Type: Ford Cosworth YBB.
    Capacity: 1,993 cc.
    Bore/stroke: 90.82 mm x 76.95 mm.
    Compression ratio: 8:1
    Max power: 204 bhp at 6,000 rpm.
    Max torque: 203 Ib/ft 4,500 rpm.
    Specific output: 102.36 bhp per litre.
    Power/weight ratio: 169.3 bhp/tonne.
    Cylinders: four, in line
    Cylinder head: Aluminium alloy.
    Block: cast iron.

    Valve gear: four valves per cylinder, twin overhead camshafts, belt-drive.  Fuel and ignition: Garrett Airesearch T03, compact air intercooler, Weber-Marelli microprocessor managed four injector injection and ignition.  Installation: Front, longitudinal.


    Type: Rear drive, Viscous Coupling limited slip differential.
    Gearbox:Borg Warner TS.

    Internal ratios: lst, 2.95; 2nd, 1.94; 3rd, 1.34; 4th, 1:1 direct; 5th, 0.80.

    Final drive: 3.65:1, 22,79 mph per 1,000 rpm in 5th.


    Front: Independent by McPherson struts, lower track control arms (TCAs), coaxial coil springs, Fichtel & Sachs twin tube gas damper inserts, 28 mm diameter front anti-roll bar.
    Rear: Semi-trailing arms, uniball joints, coil springs in front of axle, separate telescopic F&S gas rear dampers, 14 mm rear anti-roll bar.


    Type: Power assisted, Cam Gears/TRW rack and pinion, lock to lock: 2.6 turns.

    Front: 283 mm, vented discs.

    Rear: 273 mm solid back discs.

    System: Hydraulically assisted, Alfred Teves GmbH electronic anti-lock action.


    Wheels: unique Rial (BBS style) alloys, 7 x 15 in.
    Tyres: 205150 VR (Dunlop D40 was Original Equipment).


    Type: 3-dr hatchback Sierra L with Phoenix-manufactured body kit and rear wing to Ford design, wheelarch extensions, side sills, front bumper/spoiler with flexible rubber extension, twin bonnet louvres, air intake between headlights.  Colour: Originally sold only in white, Moonstone blue metallic and black.

    Construction: Steel monocoque with polyurethane and rubber body additions.  Dimensions: Length, 4,458 mm; width, 1,727 mm; height, 1,377 mm; wheelbase, 2,609 mm: front track, 1,450 mm; rear track, 1,470 mm; weight, 1,205 kg.  

    PERFORMANCE AND ECONOMY (Manufacturer’s figures) 

    Max speed: 149.8 mph (240 km/h German homologation).
    Acceleration: 0-60 mph, 6.47 sec; 50-70 mph (5th gear), 7 sec.

    Fuel consumption: 22.8 mpg urban; 38.2 mpg at constant 56 mph; 30.1 mpg at 75 mph.

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