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    Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 Racer       

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    The VIN plate shows that it was original black and no sunroof.

    Chassisnumber WFOEXXGBBEGR853xx is produced in October  1986.

    WFO = World Manufacturer identification -West Germany-.
    E = Body type -3 door-
    XX = Constant for all Models
    G = Production source -Ford-Werke AG Cologne-.
    B = Assembly Plant -Genk-.
    B = Model -Sierra-
    E - Body type
    G = Year of Scheduled Build - G=1986-
    R = Month of scheduled Build -October-.
    xx Vehicle sequence number.



We bought the car in 2002.

In the car was a 4x4 Cosworth engine. With the small turbo. The measured horsepower was 300 Hp.

The gearbox was a BW T5 std 2wd Sierra Cosworth gearbox.

The suspension was the rally GrA version of the Sierra Cosworth RS. But therewere big GrA brakes on the car.

We did some races with the car as is. And the biggest problem were the wheel bearings.Even small vibration on the massive GrA

brakes ruined the bearings.


In 2008 we started doing some more races with the car. The engine had got a big T4 turbo and the 8 injector inlet manifold.

In that time is was less expensive to buy used RS500 parts.
We bought between 2005 and 2014;

ˇ        Magnesium front uprights

ˇ        Centre lock wheel hubs 2 sets for 4 wheels but not complete.

ˇ        4 Getrag 265 GrA gearboxes in parts

ˇ        1 complete Getrag 265 GrA gearbox

ˇ        Magnesium rear suspension beams.

ˇ        3 Inlet 8 injector manifolds

ˇ        We still collecting AP racing callipers from the period 1985-1995. There is now a collection of about 20 sets.


2014 Class winner 4D Belgian Historic Cup
2015 Overall winner class 4 Belgian Youngtimer Cup
2016 2de 4D class Belgian Historic Cup
2017 Overall winner class 4 Belgian Youngtimer Cup
2018 Overall winner class 4 Belgian Youngtimer Cup

2015 Overall winner GLP Tourenwagen Revival OGP Nurburgring
2017 2nd GrA Tourenwagen Classic OGP Nurburgring. (1st was the Eggenberger Bastos Sierra RS500.)
2018 2nd race2 GrA HSCC Silverstone Classic.


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20170220_162558.jpg 20170502_170340.jpg 20170518_154934.jpg 579115_10200662686467250_1346564500_n.jpg CIMG1005.jpg CIMG1007.jpg CIMG1008.jpg
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